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Garrett Bridges, readiness and deployment support trainer, introduces financial specialist Lewis Summerville to teach ‘Beyond the Brief’ class at Midway Park aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Sept. 19. The class is geared towards spouses to give guidance on how to manage money when their wife or husband is deployed.

Photo by Cpl. Anthony J. Kirby

Save, save, save some more with ‘Beyond the Brief’ class

19 Sep 2012 | Cpl. Anthony J. Kirby

Profitable knowledge was passed at Midway Park Sept. 19 to help families save a lot of money as their spouses deploy.


Lewis Summerville, financial specialist, instructed a ‘Beyond the Brief’ class to broaden peoples’ minds about managing their money.


The ‘Beyond the Brief’ class is approximately two hours of detailed, clarified and embracive information to help eligible families manage money better.  The class is designed for military spouses to understand the extra money that will be included into the budget from their wife or husband deploying and assist them in developing a plan to save money. 


“This budget plan will allow you to input what you were getting before (your spouse) left (for deployment) and then calculate all of the (income and deductions) in addition to this,” says Summerville.


Just about everything is covered in this course from additional money earned while deployed, to further saving by cutting or eliminating excessive spending.  It provides budgeting, credit report and savings information along with a financial worksheet, financial planning checklist, credit report info sheet and the book “A Salute to Smart Investing.” 


The course is called ‘Beyond the Brief’ because it takes place after the units’ initial family pre – deployment brief.


The Marine Corps is a young service and has many young families without much experience managing money.  This class is extremely beneficial because it covers things that may have been missed in the pre – deployment brief, says Summerville.