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Steven Williams, player and coach for Spiked Punch, dives for the ball during the intramural volleyball championship tournament aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Aug. 16. Williams’ intensity was matched by the rest of his team as they took the best-of-three tournament to win the championship.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Scott W. Whiting

Hitt Squad, Spiked Punch battle for title

16 Aug 2012 | Lance Cpl. Scott W. Whiting

Whistles, buzzers, bouncing and cheering packed the Area 1 Gymnasium Aug. 16 as Spiked Punch battled Hitt Squad for the intramural volleyball championship aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

Both teams battled hard throughout the entire season and slammed their way into the championship game. They were now pitted against each other; the best of the best.

The best-of-three tournament was a competitive one as Spiked Punch and Hitt Squad battled back and forth in a close first match. If one team spiked the ball for a point and gained momentum, the other team would answer right back with a point of their own. The teams played their hearts out and the game was neck and neck throughout. However, Spiked Punch made a few more keys plays at the end and ended up winning 21-16 after scoring five straight points.

After the teams switched sides and figured out their rotations, the second game was on. Spiked Punch needed just one more match to win, putting the pressure on Hitt Squad.

Fans were on the edge of their seats, and cheered on their family members and friends who were playing in the game. With every hit, half the crowd yelled in excitement and half the crowd sat in a nervous silence.

Each team had their bright spots on the court and neither team was able to completely pull away from the other. It was plain to see why they were playing for the intramural volleyball championship.

Spiked Punch was a force to be reckoned with, as they scored spike after spike. Hitt Squad played hard, but they didn’t have an answer for Spiked Punch’s dominating offense. Spiked Punch defeated Hitt Squad in the hard-fought battle for the championship and won the second game 21-18.

“It’s an intramural league, so it’s been fun all season,” said Stephen Williams, player and coach for Spiked Punch. “The team played great, and they’ve really stepped it up from the beginning of the season. We had a great time out there together.”

Spiked Punch kept their cool during the close contest and showed their chemistry by not panicking if they gave up a point to Hitt Squad. 

“I gave the team different tips and pointers throughout the season,” said Williams. “I taught things like different types of hits and covering the court, and it really showed by the end of the season that the team was receptive and eager to improve.”

Spiked Punch finished the regular season with a record of 4-2 and after winning the two playoff rounds, they finished with a championship record of 6-2.