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Becky Pollard, the registrar with Onslow County’s Register of Deeds stands by a wounded warrior parking sign at the E.W. Summersill Courts Building in Jacksonville. Pollard and her staff recently contacted county officials to create the wounded warrior and new mother parking spaces which were previously reserved for judges.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Nik S. Phongsisattanak

Onslow county staff make space for wounded warriors, new mothers

6 Aug 2012 | Lance Cpl. Nik S. Phongsisattanak

Handicap parking spaces can be found in vehicle lots at almost every facility across the nation, but Jacksonville, N.C., offers unique parking spaces put forward for its unique community.

The staff with Onslow County’s Register of Deeds recently helped to create wounded-warrior and new-mother parking spaces at the E.W. Summersill Courts building in Jacksonville.

The new parking spaces were previously reserved for judges, but were rarely used, said Becky Pollard, the registrar with Onslow County’s Register of Deeds. Pollard said she sympathized for the injured service member and mothers carrying babies who had to walk long distances, especially when there’s inclement weather.

Pollard and her staff suggested the idea of the new parking spaces to Jeffrey L. Hudson, the Onslow County manager.

Pollard said she appreciated Jeff’s efforts in creating the parking spaces because it shows he cares about the citizens of Onslow County.

“The Register of Deeds staff pays attention to the needs of our citizens,” said Hudson. “I appreciate their suggestion and applaud them for identifying the need. With the parking issues in downtown Jacksonville, designated spaces for these important members of our community is simply the right thing to do.”

According to Hudson, the county is working on creating two spaces at their Tax Office, two at their Health Department, four at Albert J. Ellis Airport, and two at the Onslow County Multipurpose Complex and Farmer’s Market. Other spaces may follow in the future if a need is identified, noted Hudson. 

“It’s wonderful to be able to provide our services to the military,” said Pollard. “Because of them, we have the freedoms we have.”

Their office has also extended their helping held by keeping their doors open longer.

“We’ve even extended our hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays for patrons who can’t get in between our normal working hours, specifically the military members,” continued Pollard.

Lisa Thompson, the senior assistant with the Onslow County Register of Deeds, brought up the idea of extending their working hours.

“I love my staff because they think of other people, and they’re very service oriented,” said Pollard.

The staff with the Register of Deeds diligently assists patrons with marriage licenses, recording certificates of release or discharge from active duty service, along with disturbing birth, death and marriage certificates, but their hard work doesn’t hinder their ability to care for the members of the community.