Severe consequences for littering

23 Jul 2012 | Lance Cpl. Scott W. Whiting

Anyone driving on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune should think twice before they decide to throw that empty water bottle out the window. MCB Camp Lejeune has severe punishments for those who choose not to wait until they find a trash can.

According to Base Order 5560.2N, a first offense for littering will result in a six month driving ban aboard the base. A second offense will land the offender an indefinite driving suspension aboard MCB Camp Lejeune.

“Anyone who litters will also come see me,” said Sgt. Maj. Ernest Hoopii, sergeant major of Marine Corps Installations East – MCB Camp Lejeune.

“Littering hurts us all,” he continued. “It’s an eyesore. It’s a direct insult to our base’s service members and civilians who work to keep Camp Lejeune clean. In addition, littering is also a hazard to wildlife and everyday livelihood.”

Littering is counter-productive, Hoopii said. It takes manpower and money to clean up the mess that could have been prevented by simply throwing trash in the trash can.

“Cleaning up the mess pulls Marines out of work and is an unnecessary expense,” Hoopii said.

He hopes the strict consequences for littering will cause Marines to think twice about throwing something out of their car, resulting in a cleaner, more professional-looking Camp Lejeune.