Lejeune businesses win award

2 Jul 2012 | Lance Cpl. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera

Food service and hospitality employees spend their workdays toiling in the name of their customers. They are expected to be speedy, friendly, kind and provide any help necessary to their customers.

Five businesses aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune were awarded the Marine Corps Food and Hospitality Excellence Award for their performance in fiscal year 2011.

Brig. Gen. Thomas Gorry, the commanding officer of Marine Corps Installations-East and MCB Camp Lejeune, presented the award to Berkley Manor’s New City Deli, the Industrial Area’s Filling Station, Paradise Point Officer’s Club, La Casita Loca, and Lejeune Inn at Building 1 June 26.

The prize is awarded based on the businesses’ customer service, marketing efforts, personnel and financial performance, and is compared to businesses throughout the Marine Corps.

“This is just a small example of the excellence at Camp Lejeune,” said Gorry. “I’m proud to be the commanding general of this base.”

Gorry also expressed his appreciation to the food and hospitality workers for their hard work and determination, and for providing “stellar support to the operating forces” aboard the base. He said while it was teamwork in the individual businesses it was also a good representation of the team effort taking place throughout the base.

The Paradise Point Officers Club, which houses Smedley’s Café, the Follow Me Bar and a pool, scored the highest of all competitors throughout the Marine Corps. The Club hosts many events and functions such as the upcoming wine tasting and pool party.

Another winner, The Industrial Area’s Filling Station, gives their customers fast food, subs and platters for breakfast and lunch. They never forget the role they play in service member’s lives aboard the base.

“I enjoy my customers,” said Dolly Coady, the manager of the Filling Station. “I love people. We get a lot of young folks and civilians, and we listen to them. Believe it or not it’s important. We know them by their first name. They like being treated like a person. You let people know you care, and they keep coming back.”

Coady enjoys what she does and worked on base for 43 years and at the Filling Station for five years. She believes her employees had the biggest part in the Filling Station’s victory. She credited how easy they are to get along with as well as their hard work.

“At the Filling Station we’re here to serve you and take care of you,” said Coady. “We feed your stomach and your heart.”