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Paintballers lay fire downrange as they try to suppress and defeat the opposing team during a weekend game at a paintball field in Jacksonville, N.C.

Photo by Pvt. Victor Barrera

Single Marine Program to host paintball trip

17 Feb 2012 | Pvt. Victor Barrera

Marines looking for action, adventure and a little bit of pain need to look no further than tomorrow’s paintball scenario game offered by the Marine Corps Community Services; Single Marine Program at a local paintball facility.

The scenario game, which will be announced in the morning slated for Friday, will happen at Sportsman’s Lodge on the outskirts of Jacksonville, N.C.. The SMP will offer transportation to and from the event and will also be stopping throughout several recreation centers to pick up Marines who want to participate.

The SMP bus will depart from the Stone Bay Recreation Center aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune at 11 a.m. and travel to the Courthouse Bay Recreation Center then the Dunkin Donuts parking lot and, finally, the Camp Johnson Fitness Center. The SMP bus will be departing each location at 11:30 a.m., 12 p.m. and 12:30 p.m.. respectively. The estimated time of arrival to the Sportsman’s Lodge is 1 p.m. which will give the participants four hours of game time.

The fee to participate is $35 which will cover all the transportation and paintball fees. The paintball fees will be paid to Sportsman’s Lodge which will provide all-day air, a paintball mask, the field, 500 paintballs and a marker, a term used for a paintball gun.

A scenario is already under works by the Sportsman’s Lodge personnel and once the SMP service members arrive they will be briefed and released to complete the scenario.

It is highly recommended that participants bring extra cash for food and drinks as well as additional paintballs once they run out.

“I’d also recommend that they wear something they don’t mind getting dirty like an old T-shirt and jeans,” said Sara Walsh, the activities programmer with the SMP.

For those looking to protect themselves, a sweatshirt can provide some protection to the arms and chest.

Walsh can fondly remember playing paintball 10 years ago and can still remember the bruise she got.

“If all goes well, this can be a great time for Marines to practice what they’ve learned,” added Walsh. “They can also take their stress out on each other and not in front of their (noncommissioned officers) which can lead to trouble.”

Walsh also added that this will be the SMP’s first paintball trip in the two years she’s worked her position, and if all goes well, she plans on hosting more paintball trips on a Saturday so that those Marines who are not able to participate in Friday’s event have a chance later on to test their mettle in the paintball field.

Although SMP serves Marines and sailors, it is open for service members from all military branches.

For more information on tomorrow’s game, service members can call the French Creek Recreation Center at 451-1446 or visit the SMP’s Facebook page at!/mccscamplejeune.smp.