Lejeune High School starts with high expectations

25 Aug 2011 | Lance Cpl. Victor Barrera

The Lejeune High School aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, has opened its doors and is welcoming the new school year with an upgraded campus and high expectations from both the students and the staff.

Fall sports have already kicked off and Principal Eric Steimel has nothing but good things to say about Lejeune High School.

“We already have football, both junior varsity and varsity teams, volleyball, soccer and cross-country,” said Steimel. “However if there are athletes who are new to Camp Lejeune, there is still a chance to join.”

This school year, the school is preparing to renew their accreditation, and is positive that they will pass the inspections.

“We’re very excited and are positive our teachers will be well prepared,” said Steimel. “We have two school improvement goals. One is to help our students improve in problem solving-skills and the other is to help them deal with large volumes of information and have them be able to see what’s important and make sense of it.”

The Camp Lejeune Devil Pups, which is a reference to both students and mascots, live up to their name. Both in sports and academics, they are vicious and do not quit.

“I can honestly say that you’ll be hard pressed to find a better group of students than our Devil Pups,” said Steimel. “You can see the influence of strong Marine Corps values, they’re dedicated (to) giving it their all, have a strong character and always put their best foot forward.”

One thing that helps make or break a school is the staff that runs it. Without them, the school would be void of knowledge necessary to help the students learn about life, the world and everything that’s in store for them.

Steimel stated that the staff of the Lejeune High School are experienced and a strong percentage of them are veterans with educational specialist degrees, advanced and even master’s degrees.

“A standard I maintain for our instructors is excellence in the classroom and care of the students,” said Steimel. “When we talk about military dependents, it’s not only the parents that serve, but the children as well. In high school they form strong friendships one day and get (permanent change of station orders) the next. Sometimes a parent is deployed or is hurt and we as a staff need to be in a position to support the family. Every kid should have someone they can talk to and that’s what I expect from all my staff.”

The school has also received several renovations during the summer and during the past school year. All of the carpet in the hallways and classrooms has been replaced and the gym also received a new paint job and wooden floors. A big improvement was the air conditioning and heating throughout the school, which has not been improved in more than 20 years.

“We’ve made a lot of improvements and we expect to continue doing the same for this coming year,” said Steimel. “This is going to be a great school year and I am sure our students and staff will continue to put their best foot forward.”