Sneads Ferry Gate finished three months ahead of time

25 Aug 2011 | Lance Cpl. Victor Barrera

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s Sneads Ferry Gate, which has been under construction to help accommodate the increased traffic flow into the base, is finished – three and a half months ahead of schedule.

The $507,000 project was completed earlier this month and has upgraded the back entrance. Prior to construction, there was only one incoming and outgoing lane, an inspection area and a guard shack.

Now, the gate has added a second incoming lane and has fitted a canopy over the guard shack and both incoming lanes.

“Nothing was done to the outgoing lanes and the guardhouse remained untouched throughout the whole construction,” said Ensign Jason Spotts, a project engineer with the officer in charge of construction, Marine Corps Installations – East.

Spotts also mentioned the company that was awarded the contract did a very good job maintaining traffic flow and allowing the Provost Marshal’s Office to do their job without being interfered with.

“They had little to no impact on drivers,” said Spotts. “There were also no safety incidents which include near misses, injuries or fatalities. This was a very safety-conscious project, which is a big plus.”

One of the reasons construction was finished ahead of schedule was because of the construction method used. While many workers build the canopy once the skeleton has been placed into its permanent location, the contractors for the Sneads Ferry Gate built the canopy on the ground and then used a crane to lift it onto its final resting place.

“They also spent no time getting to work on it,” said Spotts. “The deadline date adjusts for traffic and weather, but these guys still finished ahead of schedule and with no safety incidents which is a big plus.”

The Sneads Ferry Gate is just one of the many gates being renovated to deal with the influx of traffic to and from base.