MCCS Party Packages offer hours of fun for a low price

14 Jul 2011 | Lance Cpl. Victor Barrera

Parties for children revolve around entertainment, friends, toys, snacks, sweets and anything else that can give them a sugar high or entertain them. For parents, parties mean dipping pretty deep into their wallets to rent out a bounce house, have a clown and fill a piñata with as much candy as possible, which often leaves their wallets feeling a bit thin.

Luckily for the parents, Marine Corps Community Services is offering Party Packages at the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Base Theater and the Midway Park Theater.

The Party Packages include a movie, help from the employees who set up tables, and for a small price and even a hot dog of their choice.

“The private screening they get with the package is any movie of their choice, be it an old one we have in our database or a new one that has just recently come out,” said Brandy Thompson-Smith, an office automation clerk who works in the Base Theater. “Also, depending on which party package you choose we can include more than just the basic deal.”

The basic party package has a $50 facility fee and an additional $3 per person. This includes a private viewing of whatever the customer has chosen as well as a small soft drink and popcorn for every attendee.

The second party package offers everything the basic one offers but the fee is $4 per person, this is because a hot dog or an order of nachos is also added to the free drink and popcorn. However, this is only offered at the Base Theater.

For parties that include cakes and presents, the movie staff can arrange for tables to be set up.

Midway Park offers Party Packages on every day of the week except Monday and the base Theater offers the packages every day of the week except Tuesday.

Anyone with a Department of Defense identification card is eligible to take advantage of this program. For more information, call 451-2785.