Signs for base housing lease office cause confusion

8 Jul 2011 | Lance Cpl. Lia Adkins

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune has more than 4,000 units in their on-base housing, and since 2005, Atlantic Marine Corps Communities has been a lead in the rebuilding and construction of thousands more.

Some people may not remember the importance of April 16, while others may cringe or cry at the sound of it. It was the night a tornado ravaged the Tarawa Terrace housing community aboard the base, throwing wood, parts of homes, personal belongings and signs everywhere in the few seconds it tore through the community.

One particular sign that was knocked down was the Atlantic Marine Corps Communities leasing sign posted at Tarawa Terrace. AMCC is a partner with the Department of the Navy that is building more than 8,000 homes on Marine Corps installations.

When most of the tornado damage had been cleared up, a lease sign went back up, but this one read Lincoln Military Housing.

“Most people don’t know that there are two partners working with the Department of the Navy to build these houses - AMCC and Lincoln Military Housing,” said Jerry Swain, director of the Family Military Housing of the MCB Camp Lejeune Housing Office. “When the AMCC sign went down, Lincoln Housing took the opportunity to post their sign up, and this confused a lot of residents.”

AMCC has had signs posted aboard Tarawa Terrace since 2005, when the building project first started. Swain stated that Lincoln Properties was just trying to inform residents that they were now partners with the DoN.

“To help fix the confusion, we told both partners, ‘You can put signs up identifying your neighborhoods, but not advertising the leasing office,’” said Swain.

Lincoln Military Housing has been working with the Department of Defense since 2001. They have developed and built more than 31,000 homes across the nation for service members. Heroes Village, a new housing development along Brewster Boulevard, will be a Lincoln neighborhood. It will be the only area Lincoln Military Housing will be able to place their signs.

In regards to limiting where the companies can post their signs, MCB Camp Lejeune has decided to create and post signs that identify both partners. The signs will post that both companies have representatives in the leasing office.

“This will hopefully help residents understand the difference between the two partners,” said Swain.

Base housing residents may continue to contact the leasing office for any questions at 450-1627.