Camp Lejeune’s newest, biggest fire station

31 Aug 2010 | Lance Cpl. Victor Barrera

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune has recently added a new fire station to its arsenal, this one located near U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. The fire station, Fire Station 10, boasts to be the biggest, most spacious of all the fire stations aboard the base.

“This building was completed around the end of June,” said Capt. Steve Pierce, station captain for Fire Station 10, Camp Lejeune Fire and Emergency Services Division, MCB Camp Lejeune. “Afterward, we moved in trucks and all of the equipment here.”

The size of the fire station is in preparation for the more responsibility that will soon be laid on the emergency service’s division. This is a testament to the base’s ongoing plans to expand. Already, plans are in motion to widen roads, increase mess hall sizes, more gyms and barracks.

“I think that as the base grows, so must we,” said Lt. Peter Dyba, a firefighter with Fire Station 10. “All this space is fairly empty right now, but one day it will be flocking with fire fighters.”

The station is equipped with 14 rooms. Within each are two beds, wall-lockers and a nightstand. Although the station currently has only four people running it, the rooms will one day be filled with more firefighters to meet the base’s growing needs.

The lounge area has couches, a television and an ice machine. Within the lounge is a panty and a kitchen as well.

“We have two stoves, ovens and a well stocked fridge,” said Pierce.

Down the hall from the main lounge is a smaller lounge, which also has couches and a television. Adjacent to it, is a small gym, allowing firefighters to work out while on the job.

The station also has multiple storage rooms, a training room and a testing area.

“In the testing area, firefighters can take Center for Disease Control mandated tests,” said Pierce. “They also take tests for certain requirements we have for them.”

With a big facility comes more energy requirements, but the fire department has found a way to go green and save money. All rooms have motion sensors, which trigger the lights when they detect movement.

The fire station also has a number of firefighting vehicles on hand ready to answer any calls from the range, MARSOC or anyone who falls under Stone Bay’s and Sandy Run’s jurisdiction.

“Here we have a 75 foot ladder truck, a Wild-Land fire truck and a brush truck,” said Pierce.

This fire station was built while keeping in mind that the base will continue to grow and that the need for fire fighters will always be present, added Dyba.