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Members of the base's Department of Public Safety after an award ceremony on the MCIEAST commanding general's quarterdeck in Building 1 aboard the base, Aug. 16. Three DPS personnel were recognized for their contributions to improving safety aboard the base, and the base itself won an award for safety implementations.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jonathan G. Wright

Lejeune, safety personnel awarded for safety achievements

16 Aug 2010 | Lance Cpl. Jonathan G. Wright

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and its tenant commands took the opportunity to recognize the men and women who have made Camp Lejeune one of the safest Marine Corps installations during an award ceremony on the Marine Corps Installations East commanding general’s quarterdeck in Building 1 aboard the base, Aug. 16.

“There is nothing more recognizable in a stateside setting than saving lives,” said Maj. Gen. Carl B. Jensen, commanding general of MCIEAST. “We have a (wealth) of professionals who care about this thing called safety, and they’re saving lives on a daily basis.”

The Superior Achievement Award was presented to Stanley Dutko, director of safety, MCIEAST, and safety manager for Camp Lejeune; the Merit Award was presented to Camp Lejeune; Award for Superior Performance to Corey Myers, safety and occupational health specialist, Department of Public Safety; and MCB Camp Lejeune Civilian of the Quarter Award to Charles Wood, tactical safety specialist, DPS.

“These awards are for all civilians on base,” said Col. Daniel J. Lecce, commanding officer of MCB Camp Lejeune. “There is a lot of hard work on this base that goes unnoticed, but you know what, I notice it.”

Notable achievements of the base and its safety personnel include conducting a Beta Test for Advanced Motorcycle Rider Track Days to lower fatalities last year, publishing a Voluntary Protection Program Management and Labor Commitment Statement in March of this year and implementing the Enterprise Safety Applications Management System, all of which bolster safety education, standards and produce positive results.

“It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get to where the base and its inhabitants are today,” said Dutko. “We have one of the largest bases in the Marine Corps with a lot of people, and for 29 safety professionals to get the results that they have, they’ve done phenomenal jobs.”

While the base and three of its safety personnel received awards, the plaques were only a representation of what they have achieved. Yet the awards also reflect upon all members, both civilian and active duty, who, day in and day out, strive to improve base safety for all its inhabitants.