New web page, more construction aboard base for 2011

29 Dec 2010 | Lance Cpl. Victor Barrera

Every year Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune continues to grow, in population and construction. The new year is no different; the base is still growing to accommodate the ever-increasing amount of service members and dependents who live aboard it.

With construction also comes road congestion. This is where Camp Lejeune’s newest Web page, which can be found through the Web page, can help service members.

“The main thing with this site is for us to push out as much information to the Lejeune public about construction going on and the impact it will have on them,” said Navy Capt. Craig Fulton, the director for Installations and Environment, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. “The site will give Marines quick access to the construction updates.”

The new web page is constantly being updated and service members can already find what is being renovated and built aboard the base.

“The purpose of the web site is to be a proactive way people can plan their day,” said Col. Daniel J. Lecce, the commanding officer of MCB Camp Lejeune. “They go to the map on the page and can click on construction sites, then can plan around it. The site will be information-timely, put people on notice, and give them the information they need.”

Information can be found on the new child development centers, housing, barracks and road construction. A map of the base is also included, which highlights major construction areas.

“This is just some of the construction that is going on aboard the base,” said Fulton. “If we were to upload all of our construction projects the site would be overloaded. We are only putting projects up that will affect the service members aboard the base.”

Updates on the page will also include projects that will be going on in months to come. Already work is underway to improve roads, build houses and more barracks.

“In the spring we’re looking to finish the main gate and the Piney Green gate,” said Fulton. “And over the next two years we plan to build a bridge that will connect the Tarawa Terrace area to the Paradise Point area.”

There are going to be a number of new roads in the French Creek area to help improve traffic congestion. Fulton also stated that traffic is a problem point that is being addressed.

For Marines who are not married and live on base, there are changes coming their way as well. There is currently a five-year plan to replace all the old barracks throughout the base with new ones.

Service members who live in base housing areas can also expect improvements. Houses in Midway Park are still being replaced with better, newer ones while renovations are taking place in Berkley Manor and Watkins Village.

All of this will be on the Web page to allow service members easy access and to be updated on going-ons in the Camp Lejeune community.

“People are going to be able to see when roads or bike paths are shutting down and also be informed on traffic choke points,” said Fulton.

To view the site visit, and click on base construction updates.