Program created to improve moving process for military, their families, DoD personnel

29 Jul 2010 | Cpl. Jessica L. Martinez

As service members and government employees get ready to move, whether due to retiring, going to another duty station or reaching the end of their contract, they are now required to use a Department of Defense moving program.

The Defense Personal Property System is a web-based system DoD employees can login to, to execute their moving orders.

“Its use is now mandatory for Marine Corps service members and civilians for all qualifying shipments of personal property and household goods,” as stated by the Marine Corps Administrative Message 333/10. “DPS allows the customer to perform self-counseling, request shipment move dates and file a claim when necessary online.”

The first step in the new process is to log on to and create an account. Once an account is made, the next step is to perform a self-counseling, which consists of deciding on a government move or “do-it-yourself” move. From there, the person executing the orders will need to visit the local Traffic Management Office, where TMO personnel will assist with and verify that all the correct checks are in the boxes.

Mike Gorman, the operations officer with TMO, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, said

the purpose for the system is to make it easier for service members to start their moving process, save the government money and simplify the moving process for all branches of service and government employees.

“With DPS, service members can initiate the moving process from their home or office, before coming to TMO,” said Gorman.

As personnel maneuver the website, they can find helpful tools and information such as what materials are authorized to be moved, weight limits and scales, and how to file a claim.

Gorman said although most of the information service members need or want can be found on the website, TMO’s doors are always open.

“Customer service is our priority,” said Gorman. “We are here to help the service member and find the best moving choice for them.”

The new system allows government personnel to get a jump start on their moving process as soon as they have orders. Master Sgt. Shelia Blackburn, the personal property chief with TMO, MCB Camp Lejeune, recommends service members not wait unitl the last minute to start their relocation process.

“Be as proactive as possible,” said Blackburn. “They need to come in as soon as they have orders. If they have questions, they should come to TMO to get the correct information. We’re here to help them.”

For more information call TMO at 451-2501 or visit