Every vote counts

6 Jul 2010 | Lance Cpl. Victor A. Barrera

Voting is an important part of the country’s future. The people of this country have the power to cast their vote in favor of the person they want representing them.

However, not many people are taking advantage of this opportunity. During 2008 for the federal elections, roughly 132 million out of 231 million people voted according to the website,

“General elections are this November,” said 1st Lt. Jackson Schade, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Base adjutant and installation voting assistance officer. “There’s going to be a lot of Senate seats, state and local positions up for grabs and everyone has a voice in deciding who they place in those spots.”

To enforce the importance of voting, Headquarters Marine Corps released the Marine Administrative Message 359/10 to announce June 28-July 7 as Armed Forces Voter’s Week and Overseas Citizen’s Voter’s Week.

According to the MarAdmin, the purpose of voter’s week is to “contact 100 percent of the eligible voting population to provide absentee voting information and to assist them in registering to vote.”

The voting assistance officers throughout Camp Lejeune ensure that unit’s commanding officers and senior enlisted have information available if a Marine comes to them for voting help.

“We’re encouraging commanders and voting assistance officers to get the word out by distributing voting materials and for Marines to contact their respective unit VAOs,” said Schade.

Voting assistance officers answer Marines’ and their spouses’ questions related to voting. They also help Marines register for absentee voting and provide information for their home state.

There are roughly 35 seats for the U.S. Senate, and 37 for state and territorial governors. Who is voted into office will represent some Marines from the respective election areas for years to come and is important that each Marine votes to ensure that their voice is heard.

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