Marine Corps Family Team Building changes location

16 Mar 2010 | Lance Cpl. Victor A. Barrera

The Marine Corps Family Team Building Branch recently relocated from their offices in the Russell Marine and Family Services Center.

The branch is now located at Building # LCH 4012-A in Midway Park across the street from the fire station and theater. However, the move is only temporary until a new facility is built for the branch.

“The location of the new, permanent building is still unknown; however, the branch has requested their location be near the new front gate that is scheduled to be constructed on Lejeune Boulevard between the two Tarawa Terrace housing areas,” said Kimberly Holmes, director of the Marine Corps Family Team Building. “If the branch does get the location, which was requested, construction could begin around 2014.”

The organization’s frequent moves are due to expansion of services. Programs currently available at the new location include the New Parent Support Program and Children, Youth and Teen Programs. These classes are targeted to young families to help them cope with a new family and military lifestyle.

“The program helps families greatly by offering classes ranging from Baby Boot Camp to The Parenting Class,” said Mary Caldwell, program manager for the New Parent Support Program. “We also provide home visits for families that request them.”

Another way the branch is working to help military families is by consolidating the programs that fall under it.

“The branch is now a bit closer to the goal of a one-stop shop,” said Evelyn DeNise, a Family Readiness Program manager. “Before the programs were scattered all around base. With the new change of location we are bringing the programs together. It is not only beneficial for the employees but for the families of service members as well.”

Eventually all of the workshops will be available in one general area. Families would be able to choose whether they want to attend a baby class or a pre-deployment course. Whichever the Marine or their family chooses they will gain knowledge that will not only build them up as a Marine or spouse, but as a family as well.

For more information about all of the programs and classes offered by the Marine Corps Family Team Building Branch call 451-0176.