Commander of Navy Medicine-East visits hospital

18 Feb 2010 | Cpl. Katie Densmore

Recently Dr. Kernan Manion, a former psychiatrist with Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, made allegations about substandard mental health care offered by the hospital.

These accusations were by no means taken lightly by the Navy. In response, the Navy immediately held a quality assurance inspection to ensure Marines and sailors aboard Camp Lejeune were receiving adequate care.

The inspection did lead to minor changes in the administrative side, but overall the inspection revealed the care being given at Camp Lejeune is exemplary, said Rear Adm. William R. Kiser, the commander of Navy Medicine-East, during a visit to the hospital, Feb. 1.

“What I found was a very constant theme of outstanding service,” he said. “The staff, (Marine Corps) line leadership and most importantly the patients are pleased with the medical treatment they are receiving.”

In fact, Kiser rates the hospital as one of the best facilities he has seen.

“Camp Lejeune is unmatched in Navy Medicine-East,” he said. “They are truly the essence of no Marine goes in harm’s way without a corpsman within earshot.”

He gave special recognition to the civilian staff members who are dedicated to the hospital.

“All of the civilian staff who serve in the hospital here could probably go somewhere else and make considerably more money,” Kiser said. “However, they don’t because they understand the essence of service. They put others’ happiness first, well above their own needs.”

He added he would be hard pressed to find more hard working folks. The people at Camp Lejeune really understand the jewel they have here.

“I want them to know that several people with important titles and positions recognize all of the excellent work they are doing,” Kiser said. “Their impact does not stop with the individual sailor or Marine. It continues on out to the family members, shipmates and command. I am going to remind them of that.”