Combat camera turns down service for MARADMIN 003/09

9 Sep 2009 | Lance Cpl. Lia Gamero

Most Marines cannot quote a Marine Corps order off the top of their head, but Marines with Camp Lejeune’s Headquarters and Support Battalion’s base combat camera office can quote the Marine Administrative Message 003/09 as if it was written on the walls.

MARADMIN 003/09 is the order that states when a Marine is getting their photograph taken for transmitting or filing a digital photograph to the Official Military Personnel File.

“It’s new for this years board, and even though this is one of the last boards of the fiscal year, Marines haven’t read the new requirements so they don’t come prepared,” said Master Sgt. Paul Bishop, staff noncommissioned officer with base combat camera.

 The MARADMIN states the specifications for photographs being submitted to promotion boards and the OMPF. If Marines do not have everything required, such as current height and weight verifications, then Marines with combat camera cannot take the photo to be submitted.

 “Combat camera Marines are placed in an uncomfortable situation having to tell high ranking officers and staff NCOs’ that they need to come back with verification,” said Lt. Col. Stephen Pierson, deputy director with operations and plans for Marine Corps Installations-East.

When the brigadier general board was going to convene, even high ranking colonels may have been asked to return later with their height and weight verifications because they are unaware of the requirement. Although it is a small task that needs to be done before going to a combat camera office for a promotion photo, many Marines are unaware of the specifications and will not be able to get their photograph.

 “We have no power over it,” said Bishop. “The MARADMIN states what has to be done, and we have to abide by it.”

 Marines are asked to look over MARADMIN 003/09 to verify they have all the requirements, are in the proper uniform and get their picture taken plenty of time before a board convenes.

The base combat camera office is open for promotion photos Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 11 a.m., but they can take requests for special cases.

Marines can visit the Web site to view MARADMIN 003/09 and for a downloadable form of the certification for height and weight.

 For more information, the base combat camera office can be contacted at (910) 451-1239.