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Scotty Howard, a 2 year old in the Toddler 1 classroom at the New Hadnot Point Child Development Center, sits at a table and plays with some toys as he pretends to eat his burger.

Photo by Marine Cpl. Jessica L. Martinez

New childcare facility opens aboard Lejeune

11 Aug 2009 | Cpl. Jessica L. Martinez

Parents often have appointments to attend, or need a little break from the kids to pamper themselves or even just take care of the grocery list. Luckily due to a new child development center opening, there is a place to drop off the little ones while taking care of business.  

The Hadnot Point Child Development Center on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune recently opened its doors to offer part-day pre-school and toddler play groups, as well as hourly care.

The Hadnot Point CDC differs from the rest on base, whereas it is not a full-time care facility.

“Childcare is in major demand and the waiting list is huge,” said Debbi Killian, director for Hadnot Point CDC. “A lot of spouses just need a little break, a few hours to themselves to do whatever they need to do, go to a doctors appointment, get groceries at the commissary, or even go to the spa, and our facility allows us to help with that.”

The new facility can accommodate 104 children, ages six weeks to five years old, in the following categories:

            -Eight spaces for infants (six weeks to 12 months old)

            -20 spaces for pre-toddlers (13 to 24 months old)

            -14 spaces for toddlers (24 to 36 months old)

            -14 spaces for toddlers enrolled in the part-day play group

            -24 spaces for pre-schoolers (three to five years old)

            -24 spaces for pre-schoolers enrolled in the part day program

Out of the 104 spaces available, 66 are set aside for hourly care.

Hadnot Point CDC is open 6 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for federal holidays. Patrons may call up to two weeks in advance for drop-in care reservations.

Unlike regular childcare options at the other CDCs, the availability of programs at the Hadnot Point center are not determined on deployment or employment status, said Louise Gomez, assistant director with Children, Youth and Teens Programs. The programs are open to service members, government and Marine Corps Community Services employees.

Prior to dropping off a child at the center, you must register with the CYTP branch at the Resource and Referral office. Applications must be filled out for the part-day care and toddler play groups and will begin being accepted Aug. 14.

“Hourly care costs $3 per hour,” said Gomez. “There is a limit of three reservations per week when using hourly care regardless of what CDC other reservations have been made. For the part-day programs, the cost is based off the total family income.”

Parents can expect instead of ‘nap time’ a quiet activities period, said Killian. During this time, children who are sleepy and want to lay down for nap may do so, but those who arrive later in the day may play or participate in other activities.

Several more CDCs are already in the works to be built aboard the base and estimated to be completed by 2011.

For more information about the play groups, hourly care or any other programs offered by the Children, Youth and Teen Programs branch aboard the base, call the Resource and Referral office at 451-1315 or go to