Get some fun, relaxation or education at the Tarawa Terrace Pool

14 Jul 2009 | Cpl. Bryce C.K. Muhlenberg

Feeling hot, bored, cooped up?  Need to get you and your kids out of the house and into some fun?  Well, head to the Tarawa Terrace 1 community pool, where cool water, fun times and a helpful staff await you and yours.

 The pool is open free of charge Wednesday to Monday from 12 a.m. to 7 p.m. but is always closed Tuesday, due to cleaning and kid’s camps.  Private parties can be scheduled at a cost of $40 for 60 people or less and can be held from 7:30 p.m. to midnight. 

 “It’s great because it’s a safe recreational environment for kids and adults, and it’s a really well kept facility,” said Rachel E. Fulton, a certified lifeguard instructor who works at the pool. 

 The pools maximum capacity is 400 people, and according to Trish Mumford, the pool supervisor, that limit has been met numerous times.  In short, people love the pool simply because it’s convenient, it’s an all ranks pool and it has vending machines and a full service snack bar, said Mumford.

 “The services we provide are unparalleled and beneficial for Marines, kids and parents alike,” said Fulton.  “Just to list a few; we have water aerobics, swimming lessons, lifeguarding classes, pool safety days and something we call splash camp, which is a weeklong day camp where we have arts and crafts, pool games and swimming lessons.  It’s a really fun camp for kids ages six to 14.”

 Fulton added they also have community pool parties, which are usually a blasting good time and at only a dollar per person with drink and food, you can’t beat it.

 For the kids, it’s all about exercise, getting outdoors and making new friends in the neighborhood, added Fulton.

“Hey, it’s better than leaving your kid to play video games all day,” said Mumford.  “We want more adult swimmers and parents who like to interact with their kids.  Our swim program is growing all around from swimming lessons to water safety and lifeguard instructor courses and it’s all top-notch.  Safety is our priority, but we also like to have a really good time, so come one, come all.”

For more information about the pool, classes and scheduling private parties, visit or call 450-1610.