Chicken takes first place in dance

6 Nov 2008 | Cpl. Jessica L. Martinez

Music played in the background as an array of characters mingled around Paradise Point Officers’ Club, Oct. 29, during an evening filled with Halloween festivities.

Marines and their families were entertained by dancing, contests and a disc jockey at the Family Halloween Costume Carnival. This was the first year the officers’ club hosted an event like this for eligible club patrons.

During the children’s dance contest, winners placed either first, second or third for their energetic dancing.

“It’s very cool and fun,” said Rhys N. Sopp, military family member who dressed as a chicken for the event. “I liked the dance contest. I won first place and got two certificates for $5.”

This was Sopp’s first Halloween party and came with his family and friends.

Sopp’s mother, Jennifer E. Sopp said the event was great.

“I actually heard about the event today, and it was this or take the kids to soccer practice,” said Sopp. “This was definitely a better choice. The kids are really enjoying it, and they’re having so much fun.”

Children were constantly entertained by the different events prepared for them by the staff of the officers’ club.

Cupcakes were baked ahead of time and set up with a colorful assortment of frostings and candies for children to decorate them. The child with the best decorated cupcake was supposed to win a prize, but, due to cupcakes being so creatively decorated every child received a prize.

“Decorating cupcakes was my favorite part,” said Ericka Heath, cupcake decorator. “I also like the food and the music.”

With this being the first time an event like this was hosted for Marines and their children, the turnout was greater than expected.

“I’m really happy with the turn out for this event,” said Diana L. Hansen, facility manager, Paradise Point Officers’ Club. “We will definitely host this event again next year, and we’ve already begun thinking of ideas for making it even better.”