Lejeune’s bravest recognized for fire safety

23 Oct 2008 | Lance Cpl. Joseph Day

Camp Lejeune Fire and Emergency Services Division was presented the Life Safety Award, Oct. 23.

The award has been presented for 15 years to fire services throughout the country for reducing the number of casualties caused by structure fires. Residential fires make up 20 percent of fires throughout the United States, but account for 80 percent of fire-related deaths.

“Experience tells us that fire prevention activity and public education can significantly reduce deaths and property loss from residential fires,” said Roy L. Marshall. “Prevention and education are very cost effective compared to the traditional approach of relying on fire suppression.”

Throughout 2007, Lejeune’s fire services recorded zero deaths due to fires.  Seven-hundred forty-five fire departments received the Life Safety Achievement Award.

“It’s great to get this award,” said Glenn P. Zurek, assistant chief of Fire Prevention. “It’s motivational and shows the work we do pays off.”

Lejeune’s bravest take pride in having a spotless record.  Zurek said they got the award because of the proactive approach educating the citizens of Lejeune.

“We’re doing a good job getting the fire prevention out there to the people,” said Zurek.  “We have been educating the people, so they can be more aware of how to prevent fires in their own homes.”

For more information on how to stay safe and prevent house fires, visit or call the base fire department at 451-3004.