NCIS honored at Paradise Point Agents perform voluntary service in war zones

30 Oct 2008 | Cpl. Jessica L. Martinez

An awards ceremony was held, Oct. 21 at the Paradise Point Officers’ Club honoring several special agents with the Naval Criminal Investigative Services Carolinas Field Office.

During the ceremony, Col. Vincent R. Stewart, intelligence officer with II Marine Expeditionary Force and guest speaker for the event, gave his remarks; saying how the services of these special agents often go unseen, and it’s great to be able to recognize and honor them for their efforts while overseas.

Every agent who received an award during the ceremony had voluntarily served in Iraq, Afghanistan or the Horn of Africa throughout the past five years. Their service not only put them in harm’s way but their work also entailed long and stressful hours at times.

NCIS Carolinas Field Office agents and support staff assisted in six different support missions overseas. When II MEF was in Al Anbar province, Iraq, NCIS helped with numerous criminal investigations to include death, criminal fraudulence, sex offenses and noncombat related deaths such as murders and suicides.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, NCIS worked with a joint command conducting counterintelligence source operations where time-sensitive information was collected for the operational commander. The information gathered saved the lives of U.S. and coalition forces.

Agents and staff also provided criminal investigative support in Djibouti, Africa, the U.S. Africa Command and to the Navy at Haditha Dam, Iraq.

“While deployed, they provided valuable service and support in the form of protective service operations, counterintelligence and criminal investigative work,” said John D. Heinselman, the Supervisory Special Agent with NCIS. “Their work directly contributed to the safety of U.S., Coalition, Iraqi and Afghan personnel. It countered the work of former regime elements, foreign terrorists and other hostile entities, which posed threats to U.S. and Coalition forces.”

 The services the special agents provided while overseas assisted in the establishment of a safer and more secure environment for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, said Heinselman.

 The three awards that were presented to the special agents and a support assistant with NCIS Carolina Field Office were a Director’s Special Award for strategic counterintelligence directorate, an NCIS Expeditionary Medal and a Department of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award.