Penny Drive for Wounded Warriors a huge success

28 Nov 2007 | Lance Cpl. Thomas J. Hermesman

 Parents, students and injured servicemembers from the Wounded Warrior Barracks here, were invited to the Brewster Middle School Penny Drive Celebration Nov. 21. to mark the end of their Penny Drive in support of the Combined Federal Campaign.

 Students raised more than $5,000 for Hope for the Warriors foundation, a charity that supports injured servicemembers, through the CFC.

 To inspire contributions for the fund-raiser, the principal of the school along with a few teachers, agreed to do things that are out of the ordinary as an incentive for the students.

 For each goal reached by the students, a teacher agreed to a challenge.

 If the children raised $1,000, Mr. Doug Erny, one of the school’s physical education teachers and coach, agreed jump from a plane in a skydiving trip.

 “A year ago he told me he would never jump out of a plane,” said Jackie Wagner, a physical education teacher at Brewster Middle school.

 If the students could raise $2,000, Wagner agreed to shave her entire head.

 Gene Flanagan, Assistant Principal, agreed to shave his mustache if $3,000 was earned. According to Flanagan, This would be the first time someone would see him without a mustache since 1972.

 The school principal, Dewanda Sholar, agreed to sport a weird hairdo when $5,000 was raised.

 At the celebration Erny showed footage of his sky-dive trip. Then to follow, the other teachers came through on their pledges.

 Principal Sholar unveiled her crazy hairdo, which was dyed blue and purple and thrown up into what she called a “sprout.” She then seated Flanagan and shaved his mustache in front of the crowd.

 Then came the moment the students had all been waiting for. Wagner sat in a chair placed in the middle of the gymnasium and several teachers, students and visitors proceeded to buzzing her hair off with clippers. Students, who packed the bleachers, chanted “shave her head, shave her head!”

 Although faculty members made some interesting contributions, they, according to them, were small sacrifices but totally worth it to help out our wounded warriors.