Frost calls save money

9 Aug 2007 | Lance Cpl. Thomas J. Hermesman

Camp Lejeune officials have recently begun issuing energy alerts to base personnel due to increased consumption in the hot summer months.

Alerts or, Frost Calls, are sent out to warn personnel of periods when energy cost are peaking. The messages contain suggestions on how to use less energy to help the base decrease consumption.

“Frost Calls help us reduce the energy costs for the base,” said Kyle Brown, energy manager for Camp Lejeune. “Frost calls are real cost savers for the base.”

Alerts are sent out when the base receives updated energy cost from the energy provider, Progress Energy.

Because of its size, the base receivers special energy pricing from Progress Energy, said Brown.

An email is sent everyday to the Utilities Monitoring and Control Systems center, informing them of the price of energy for the next day. On days when the country is using more energy and the demand is higher, the daily price goes up. When the cost hits a certain level, the UMAC sends out a Frost Call.

”As a matter of fact when the base preserves energy it can actually sell the energy that is not used,” explained Brown. “During days a Frost Call is sent out the saved energy is sold to buyers around the area.” “We actually make our money back.”

During July 19th and 20th we avoided using approximately 240,000 kWhs (Kilowatt hours) of electricity during the energy alert periods, Brown said.

“This created additional utility cost savings to the base of almost $70,000,” said Brown

The days these measurements were taken were on the lower end of the cost spectrum, generating moderate savings, Brown said.

“Everyone is doing a great job to reduce energy use during these alert periods, however, we could definitely do more,” Brown stated.

Brown then said that if all base personnel were to reduce their electricity use by just 10% during a peak energy alert period we could expect savings of $250,000 in just a four hour period.

For more information on Frost Calls or was to help conserve energy call 910-451-7264.