Tenth Marines knocks it out of the park

21 Apr 2004 | Pfc. Christopher J. Ohmen

The 10th Marine Regiment enjoyed a day of fun and games as they participated in their 4th Annual Big Stix Softball Tournament here April 15.

The Marines played a single elimination tournament with two teams from each of the battalions.

The morning started with a formation run from 10th Marine Regimental Headquarters to the softball fields lead by Col. Thomas L. Cariker, commanding officer, 10th Marine Regiment.

After arriving at the destination, the Marines filed into the stadium by battalion and waited for morning colors to sound.  Following, colors Cariker made some opening remarks to the Marines.

“This day is for 10th Marines to have some fun and play for those who are deployed all over the world fighting against terrorism,” Cariker said.

The tournament started out with 10 teams. Each battalion had an A and B team. The battalions that participated were 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and Headquarters.

Each game had a 30-minute time limit with 15 minutes in between for warm-ups.  Each batter got only one pitch to make the games move along.  If the pitch was a ball it was a walk.  If the batter swung and missed or the ball went foul it was an out.  There were three outs per team per inning with no limit on the number of innings.  At the end of the allotted time if the game was a tie, the umpire would let them play another inning to try and break the tie.

The war started at 8:00 a.m., and the last two teams standing were the A teams from HQ battery and 2/10.  It started off with a few runs in the first few innings.  Then 2/10 exploded with a barrage of hits and a home run in the fourth.  With a score of 10 to two, 2/10 defeated HQ.
“This years tournament was very competitive,” said Capt. John DePinto Jr., adjutant, 10th Marine Regiment.

The honor of handing out the awards to the first and second place teams was given to Maj. Gen. Stephen T. Johnson, commanding general, 2d Marine Division.  Following the award ceremony in which each team received a plaque and a t-shirt Johnson gave a speech letting the Marines know what the future holds for 2d Marine Division.  He gave a run down of where the division is deployed to and who may be deployed soon.

The games were not the only thing going on at the tournament.  There was a large barbecue before the championship game.  There was music being played over a speaker system, and a live band, Mustang Sally, played for a few hours.  Semper Fit was there doing fitness challenges and strength tests.  There was a Navy verses Marines football game going on next to the unused softball field.  The Base Safety Division had the “Convincer” in operation for an hour.

“I hope that everyone enjoyed the tournament today and enjoyed the other activities we had going on,” Cariker stated.