NMCI puts thousands of computers up for sale

8 Jan 2003 | Cpl. Shawn C. Rhodes

Officials from the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet announced that more than 14,000 computers will be for sale to retired, active duty and reserve military members, Department of Defense contractors, civilians working on military installations and NMCI Strike Force employees as a result of the NMCI computer upgrade.

The upgrade will involve replacing computer monitors, central processing units, updating software and increasing network security.  As the new equipment is installed, the used computers and accessories will be available for purchase by authorized customers.

Although the largest volume of equipment isn't scheduled to be available until March, orders for the used computers and other related hardware are now being accepted.

"The government used to surplus and then sell the old computers when we updated our systems, but part of the 'electronic data systems' contract gives them the right to sell these old computers," said Jeff Langenstein, the warehouse manager for the NMCI project.  "This is a great opportunity for people to get some awesome deals on computer hardware."

Before selling the old computers, they will have their hard drives "scrubbed."   This is done to remove all information that could compromise security and/or privacy information.  The computers and laptops will then be sold with no software.  Only a basic disk operating system will be available on the computers.

The computers will be sold with a monitor, keyboard, mouse and required cables.  If just a new keyboard or mouse is requested, NMCI will oblige.

"Sometimes people are just going to want a bigger monitor.  We can get a price for you for whatever you're looking for," said Langenstein.

What makes this program different from other military bases is that Lejeune's NMCI department will be accepting faxed requests for specific pieces of hardware that will go on sale.  Langenstein explained at most Navy or Marine Corps bases "you get what you get," but a building is being allocated for the storage of the old computers, which allows for a selection of hardware.

"We'll be taking walk-ins and fax orders for the equipment.  Of course walk-ins will receive first choice, but if you have a large order you want filled, say, 10 computers, we will be glad to accept it via fax," Langenstein explained.  "We'll date the faxes and fill requests in the order they were received."

If a Marine or sailor has a computer on their desk they would like to own, a small piece of paper can be taped to it, which will let NMCI know a person would like to buy that particular computer.  When the changeover is made, the person will be able to buy the computer for their personal use. 

Computers will not be 'built' on request due to manpower restrictions, but many computers and laptops containing writable or re-writable disk drives and DVD players will be available to first-come shoppers.

Even though all of our hardware is being sold "as is," the units will be turned on in front of the buyer so you can make sure they work, said Lanenstein.

Although the majority of the hardware will filter into the NMCI warehouse in the spring, a limited number of computers and laptops are now beginning to become available to eager buyers.

"We hope people will take advantage of the great deals we're going to have available.  This is a great way for people to keep the computers they've been working with for the last few years, or to purchase a used one with better features, all at a good price," said Langenstein.

For more information contact Jeff Langenstein at  or by phone at (910) 451-9192.