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MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - Nina M. McBroom, the director of bachelor housing on Camp Lejeune, answers a question during a Basic Allowance for Housing without dependants class recently. The class is designed to get Marines informed and up to speed on the specifics of BAH without dependants. Photo by: Lance Cpl. Adam Johnston

Photo by Lance Cpl. Adam Johnston

Director of bachelor housing holds BAH class

12 Oct 2005 | Lance Cpl. Adam Johnston

Recently, Marines took part in a Basic Allowance for Housing without dependants class in Bldg. 2617.

BAH is an allowance, provided by the government, to offset the cost of housing out in town when a Marine isn’t living in the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters on base.

“I’ve given a number of command briefs on BAH over the past 12 years,” said Nina M. McBroom, the director of bachelor housing on Camp Lejeune. “In each one, I could practically see the light bulbs appearing over people’s heads. The idea for a class just kind of evolved.”

Sergeants can qualify for BAH without dependants if they have previously drawn BAH at another duty station, if previously married or if they have more than 90 days of visitation rights with one or more minor child, according to MCO P11000.22.

Master Sgt. Clyde D. Smith, a facilities manager with Headquarters and Service Battalion, 2nd Force Service Support Group, attended the class to get up-to-date on the rules of BAH and how it really works.

“Knowing this information will allow me to better serve my Marines when they need help in applying for BAH,” said Smith.

Sergeants can also receive BAH without dependants if a battalion’s occupancy level exceeds 95 percent, according to McBroom. And even though every battalion isn’t currently over its maximum occupancy limit, the Marine Corps’ new BEQ minimum standards of adequacy could make it close.

To billet at the new standard of two E-3’s and below per 180 square feet with a private bathroom, Camp Lejeune is currently short more than 7,000 man spaces (3,500 rooms), according to McBroom. The Marine Corps’ goal is to reach these new minimum standards of adequacy by the year 2012.

In an effort to achieve this objective, six new barracks, four in Courthouse Bay and two in French Creek, have already been built in the last five years. And, according to Larry L. Brant, the installation development director for Marine Corps Base, more are on the way.

“There are two sites along Gonzales Blvd. that were recently awarded construction contracts this past September,” said Brant. “The completion dates for these sites are in April and October of 2007.”

When it comes down to it, BEQ goals, occupancy levels and new barracks construction all tie into BAH, according to McBroom.

“I want Marines to attend this class so they can relay the knowledge gained back to their units,” said McBroom.

Marines can begin the process of applying for BAH without dependants by submitting an administrative action form with their unit’s administration section, according to Base Order P11012.3b.

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