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Marines and sailors attended the nutrition workshop to learn about healthy eating habits and safe fitness practices.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Drew W. Barker

Marines and sailors learn healthy habits during nutrition workshop

18 Aug 2005 | Lance Cpl. Drew W. Barker

Marines and Sailors from Camp Lejeune took part in a nutrition education workshop at the Stone Street Education Center, August 15, as part of a campaign designed to improve servicemembers’ health and fitness through education.

The course, which is sponsored by Marine Corps Community Services and PepsiCo, is designed for Marines, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, and other Department of Defense personnel who manage their respective units’ remedial programs and physical training programs. Also, any authorized personnel who would like to learn more about nutrition for their own benefit and personal health are more than welcome to attend, according to Christopher Halagarda, a dietitian with Semper Fit’s Fueled to Fight program.

“We’re trying to dispel some of the myths about health and nutrition and teach people some useful things they can actually apply to their lives,” said Halagarda. “We see so much junk on television and in magazines, it’s hard to know the difference between real and fake.”

The six-hour workshop, which is held at least once every other month, includes instruction and lecture on topics including the risks of obesity, sports nutrition, body composition changes, healthy eating, healthy weight maintenance, hydration and supplement use.

“More senior enlisted Marines should attend this,” said Sgt. Jamon Harrelson, a communications chief with Headquarters Co., 8th Marines Regiment, 2nd Marine Div. “I learned a lot. It gives us the tools we need to guide junior Marines on staying healthy and fit.”

The real goal of the program is to get useful information to those who are looking for help in maintaining a healthy diet and developing a physical fitness plan that is appropriate for achieving specific goals, according to Halagarda.

“It’s great,” said Harrelson. “If you have an opportunity to attend this course you should definitely take advantage of it and come.”