Battalion birthed at MCCSSS

18 Apr 2001 | Sgt. Bobbie J. Bryant

Camp Johnson rewrites history once again as the Marines, sailors and civilians of Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools implement a new battalion.

Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools is making significant changes to its organization to improve training and education. 

The reorganization includes the creation of Headquarters and Service Battalion comprised of a headquarters element and two companies. 

Alpha Company serves as a standard headquarters company, responsible for all administrative issues associated with the permanent personnel of MCCSSS and the day-to-day operation of Camp Johnson. 

Bravo Company is responsible for the personal and administrative welfare of entry level Marines, said Col. Les Stein, commanding officer, MCCSSS, to include class commanders [noncommissioned officers and staff noncommissioned officers] who are directly responsible for troop welfare.   

To assist in the transition, Logistics Operations, Financial Management, Supply and Personnel Administration and Legal Services Schools are attaching to the battalion separately in two-week increments.

A ceremony, officially recognizing the new battalion is scheduled for May 25 at 10 a.m. behind the Camp Johnson Bachelor Officer's Quarters.  In case of inclement weather, it will be at the Camp Johnson Gym.