Family members celebrate halfway point

5 Mar 2001 | Lance Cpl. Charles W. Palmer IV

Family members of Marines and Sailors of 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit celebrated the halfway point of the MEU's six-month deployment with the "Over The Hump County Fair" at the Area 4 Gym March 3.

The fair brought family members of their deployed loved ones together to find strength in each other and celebrate the halfway mark, according to Debby Lefebvre, Key Volunteer advisor whose husband is the commanding officer of the 22d MEU (SOC).

The event was designed to have a county fair atmosphere, explained Lefebvre.  The children were entertained with games, and the adults visited.   
Family members enjoyed fried chicken and hot dogs along with side dishes they brought to share.

"The fourth month is always the hardest," claimed Lefebvre.  "You get so hyped up about getting to the halfway point, then you realize you still have a long wait ahead of you."

Wives of Marines inspired each other to keep going, explained Lefebvre. "This is a good opportunity for the more experienced wives to help mentor the wives who haven't been through a deployment before," she added. "It is also good for the experienced wives to encourage each other that they aren't the only ones going through this."

Despite inclement weather, family members seemed optimistic.