M-4 passes cold-weather trial

22 Feb 2001 | Cpl. Mike Vrabel

Kilo Company, 3d Battalion, 2d Marine Regiment recently completed their first cold-
weather training since the Betio Battalion began a year-long assessment of the M-4 carbine rifle.

The weapon system could replace the current M-16A2 service rifle. To test its cold-weather operability, Kilo Company took the weapon to chilly Fort McCoy, Wisc.
According to the company's commanding officer, Blountstown, Florida's Capt. Ty Edwards, Kilo Company's assessment of the M-4 in a cold-weather environment went smoothly.

"Overall, we didn't have any cold-related problems with the weapon," said Edwards.
The Marines using the M-4 were also happy with its performance.

"I had a couple of the optics fog up on me, but for the most part it worked pretty well," said Pfc. Brett Kuehn, from Elyria, Ohio. For Kuehn, who recently graduated from the School of Infantry, this was his first deployment with Kilo Company.

February in Wisconsin proved not to be quite as cold as the Marines expected, with temperatures during the field exercises staying close to the freezing mark during the 17-day deployment.

"I'm from Ohio, where it's cold. This wasn't that bad," said Pfc. Shane Kyler, who hails from South Amherst, Ohio.

The company also trained with 3d Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, a reserve battalion from Buffalo, N.Y. The reservists went head-to-head with Kilo Co. in mock combat during one of the deployment's field exercises.

"I liked getting the chance to train with the reservists," said Lance Cpl. Ben Wicks, from East Grand Forks, Minn. "It was fun."

Despite the chilly conditions, the company stayed safe during the trip, according to Edwards.

"We didn't have any cold injuries. It was pretty mild up there," said Edwards.