DAPS 'Can do right now'

29 Sep 2000 | Lance Cpl. Charles W. Palmer IV

'Can do right now.'  That is the motto of the Document Automation & Production Service located here.  It is their way of letting the customer know what, and how fast, DAPS can produce a product. 

DAPS is the innovator in the digital arena of publication and is moving the U.S. Marines Corps into a paperless world, according to Leroy C. Bradley, director of DAPS here.

"Digital technology is really changing the way publications are being produced.  A customer can bring in a 1,000-page document on a CD and we can make copies while he waits," said Bradley.  "The printing process has come a long way since I first started working here."

DAPS has changed names five times and printing processes three times since 1983, according to Bradley.

It started as Marine Corps Printing and changed to Navy Printing Production.  From there, NPP turned into Defense Printing Production, which quickly turned to Defense Automation Print Service.  The last change was to Document Automation & Production Service, according to Bradley.

DAPS does the output printing for the Marine Corps, according to Bradley.

The most challenging and exciting time for DAPS is the Marine Corps Ball, because they are more innovative when it comes to colors and graphics, according to Bradley.

"I really enjoy it.  It's more of a challenge," said Bradley.

All programs, invitations and tickets for the Marine Corps Ball are produced by DAPS.
It is not a profit-oriented service; prices are adjusted to the cost of production, according to Bradley.

DAPS is "driven by the customers needs," he said.

"I'm all about making my customers happy," said Geniel J. Bratton, digital imaging specialist, who recently received a Certificate of Appreciation from II Marine Expeditionary Force for customer appreciation.  "I try to treat people the same way I would want to be treated if I were the customer."