Workshop prepares spouses for job search

27 Mar 2003 | Pfc. Terrell A. Turner

For the first time in the Transition Assistance Program's 13-year history, coordinators recently offered a TAP workshop to Marines' spouses.  This service is now expanding on a regular basis for spouses.

The Employment Security Commission and Marine Corps Community Services sponsor the program, and TAP facilitators traditionally conduct training in techniques essential to getting ahead in the job market.  This service was generally open to active duty members leaving the service, though spouses could attend with their husbands or wives.  Now spouses can attend on their own.  

With the employment rate at 5.8 percent, organizers decided this program would be a good opportunity to assist family members joining the labor force, said Geri G. Taylor, TAP facilitator.

"We teach spouses skills in writing resumes, filling out job applications, interviewing techniques, job searching and skills assessment and show them how to use the community resources," said Taylor.  "The resources available are the Family Member Employment Assistance Center, the Career Resource Management Center, job vacancy announcements, the Internet and local colleges."

With the training and resources provided, TAP facilitators believe the workshop can be useful anywhere.

"This workshop can be used to assist and promote job opportunities locally and nationwide," said Taylor.  "It is the first time this workshop has been made available to spouses since TAP was implemented in the Marine Corps in 1990."

Employment assistance is provided through Building 14 on McHugh Boulevard. For more information or reservations call 451-3212/5340, ext. 200/201.