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A Vacation Bible School (VBS) student participates in a group prayer at the Protestant Chapel on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, June 29, 2023. VBS is the largest event for children that the United States Navy Chaplain Corps sponsors each year in support of military families. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jorge Borjas)

Photo by LCpl. Jorge Borjas

Camp Lejeune Vacation Bible School Begins Soon, Sign-up Today!

18 Jun 2024 | Cpl. Loriann Dauscher Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Marine Corps Installations East-Marine Corps Base (MCIEAST-MCB) Camp Lejeune Chaplains Office, invites children to attend Vacation Bible School, June 25-27 for Protestants, and non-Protestants, or Catholics, July 9-11 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. daily during these times at the Main Protestant Chapel on McHugh Blvd.

Protestant Chapel VBS: Parents can sign up here:, or by contacting Lyetta Fant:

Catholic Chapel VBS: Parents can sign up via the St. Francis Xavier’s Catholic Chapel of Camp Lejeune Facebook page or by contacting Dianne Hodges: Parents can also pick up a registration form at the Catholic chapel. All registration forms must be submitted to Dianne Hodges by July 2.

Through their Religious Ministry Program, the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps sponsors Vacation Bible School in support of military families. Children have the opportunity to express their religious faith through group prayers, guided studies and an extensive number of activities. Open to all military families of MCIEAST, approximately 75 children, grades Kindergarten through 5th grade will attend VBS each day. The MCIEAST Chaplain’s office, along with volunteers from chapels around the MCB Camp Lejeune area, will provide religious support with an emphasis and understanding unique to military families.

“VBS holds significant importance within many Christian communities,” said U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Glen Kitzman, a chaplain with MCIEAST. “It positively impacts families through spiritual growth, community building, family engagement, character development, fun and creativity, outreach and evangelism and parental support.”

During VBS the children engage in study through a combination of games, crafts, music and dance, watching plays and storytelling. VBS also invokes creativity and curiosity through group discussions and interactive Bible studies, fueling imagination and a love for learning.

Despite being educational, VBS is presented in a way that makes learning about the Bible enjoyable and accessible to children, said Kitzman.

“The VBS fosters a sense of belonging and community within the church family. Through parents volunteering, family nights, and follow-up discussions at home, the VBS is a vehicle in strengthening family bonds and creating shared experiences surrounding faith,” said Kitzman. “Parents are offered a break in the demands of parenting while their children are engaged in constructive activities.”

The stress and challenges unique to military families makes on-base religious support vital. Programs such as VBS offer military families a way to support their spiritual needs.

“Offering religious avenues for military families is essential for supporting their spiritual, emotional, and relational well-being, fostering community and connection, and helping them navigate the unique challenges of military life with resilience and hope,” said Kitzman.

Children who participate in the VBS can gain newfound experiences and joy within their community, while being instilled positive character traits such as kindness, generosity, forgiveness and empathy, contributing to their moral and ethical development.

For questions about VBS or to register, please call 910-451-3210, or contact the MCB Camp Lejeune Directors of Religious Education leaders: for the Protestant community and for the Catholic community.