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Baby Sea Turles

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Be a friend to the turtles while at Onslow Beach

20 Jul 2023 | Emvironmental Management Division Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Here are a few tips to remember when visiting Onlsow Beach during Sea Turtle Nesting Season.

When going to the beach, make sure to have your leash! 

Maintain control of your pet while at the beach so that they may not accidently dig into a sea turtle nest or bother a nesting sea turtle. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Order 10570.2B states "Domestic animals are not permitted to run free (off leash or at large) anywhere on the Installation to include Onslow Beach".

Onslow Beach is peaceful at night, so please, no lights to be polite!

Sea turtles are sensitive to artificial lights and can become disturbed or confused, causing females to go back to the ocean and not nest. Hatchlings are also sensitive to lights, deterring them from crawling to the ocean. So, please, do not use white lights on the beach at night.

Please clean up when you leave to lend sea turtles a hand!

Large female sea turtles nest at night and cannot avoid obstacles like chairs and holes with ease. Be sure to only leave your footprints in the sand when you leave. Plus, everyone appreciates a clean beach to enjoy!

Sea turtle hatchlings, what a sight they can be, Protected by law, so please just let them be!

From July through September the sea turtle nests will be hatching. Sea turtles are an endangered species and can only be monitored and handled under State and Federal permits, so please do not disturb sea turtles of any size.