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How Long O Lord

23 Jul 2021 | Lt. Matthew Dean PEO Land Systems

Often music today can help people express many various emotions. When people are happy they might listen to positive songs, and when people are sad they may be inclined to listen to gloomy songs. Within the Bible is the book of Psalms and as the name indicates, it is a book which contains songs hence the name, “Psalms.” The book of Psalms depicts expressive poetry through songs about the relationship between God Almighty and human beings. It is an art that is still relevant today.

Psalms contains many undercurrents of human expression. While there are instances that encompass emotions of adoration, encouragement, and blessings.  Still, Psalms expresses even more dynamics of human emotion. Some of those poetic hymns depict feelings of remorse, sadness, and distress. The book of Psalms encapsulate more than just, “The good times.” It expresses times of extreme hardship and sorrow.   

One such example is in Psalm 13 when King David cry’s out for relief. David states, “How Long O Lord.” (Psalm 13:1) David’s heart welled up with a sorrowful desire for relief from God’s silence. So often, the human heart has desires for relief from confusion and misunderstanding. Human beings are frequently caught in a fog of circumstantial muddle and it is natural to desire a way out. 

David expressed keen insight with a lesson that is twofold. First, even in suffrage one can find an outlet to provide immediate relief. Perhaps with an expressive song like David’s. Humanity’s ability to take an utter bad situation and make something good is in direct correlation with our being created in the image of God. (Genesis 1:27) The second insight is more profound.  Although David’s psalm articulates his feelings of anguish, the content more importantly displayed his consciousness of his source of help. God was David’s helper! God is the one whom David sought for relief. David knew not the purpose or the duration, but he knew who could rescue him from his plight. I hope that this brief study provides its readers with the lesson David established those many years ago. If you are in a situation that seems objectionable remember God is your rescuer and it is okay to express your discontentment with a song!

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