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27 May 2021 | Lt. Cmdr. Michael Griggs Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

As a United States Navy Chaplain at Camp Lejeune it is an honor to serve in this assignment. Of the many job duties I perform, sharing the highly motivational gift of music at the 10:30 a.m. Contemporary Christian service is a joy. As the associate chaplain and minister of music, I find our praise and worship congregational needs to be the quality of wonderfully unique.

Worship is always characterized by at least a few basics: 1 - Adoring God in our attitude and what we say and sing, 2 - in our fullest expression possible we use different ways to let God know we want him involved in our lives. One of the ways that help give fullness of expression is… music. 

Our band’s name is Lejeune Collective. We chose that name partly because of location. The other part is that although we have a core group of players and singers (rhythm guitar, electric guitar and bass), but we welcome additional members as they show up. We have a talented pianist now playing with us on a part time basis. Whatever people have to offer, we “collect” them and work out the details and by God’s gifts make a new version of our worship team, Lejeune Collective. We seek through quality prayer and practice to provide the best worship experience each Sunday possible for our chapel service. If you have a talent in instruments, singing or both, you may have an interest or calling from God in music. If you’d like to explore that calling with Lejeune Collective, please e-mail me at

Due to the cross-section of worshipers representing a wide variety of worship backgrounds, we attempt to do a variety of musical styles. Sounds from contemporary, rock, country, blues, southern gospel, black gospel, bluegrass and traditional church hymns may be heard at our service. If you don’t hear something to connect to when you visit, keep coming… we’ll get there.

We are meeting at the base theater during the time of remodeling of the Protestant Chapel.

Most people are aware of their need to express love for God. We are privileged to lead many in this. It is a joy to pass along an invitation to worship. God extends the invitation from his heart to yours personally. In Revelation 22:17, the scripture reads, “Let the Spirit and the Bride say come.”

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