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14 May 2021 | Lt. Albert Peterson, II Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

For the last two and half days, one of the major concerns in this part of the U.S. has been running low on gas. From the novice to the most senior driver on the road, the common thought is “Get gas now…” before it is too late. Why? No one with a [gasoline powered] vehicle wants to be on empty or even close to it! Once the gas light illuminates, you suddenly realize you don’t have as much gas as you need to keep going. You realize that if you don’t get gas soon you will be empty. Being empty is inevitable if you don’t refuel.

Being empty is not just a vehicle issue. It is also a people issue. We too have an inevitable outcome of “empty” if we don’t take caution to the signs in life that tell us we are close to running out. This reminds me of the story from my faith tradition where there were 10 women with oil for their lamps (Matthew 25). These 10 women were anxiously waiting for their wedding. Five women ran empty and five women were “good to go” as we say. Five knew that the oil they had would eventually need to be refueled. The other five must have known their oil wouldn’t last forever, but continued on even when the “low fuel” light of life came on. In the end, five women were still able to go forward and five women were empty. Being empty is inevitable if you don’t refuel.

The gas in town is low, but the question is, what about the gas in your life? Are you running low on fuel? Has the gas light of life come on, but you still haven’t taken time to pull in and refuel? Are you going about with fuel going lower and lower? Today, take a moment and refuel! You’re fueling may be a vacation, reading a book, finding a church, eating a favorite meal, praying, talking with a friend or counselor, playing a game, or watching a funny show. Whatever positive activity that helps you relax, rest and rejuvenate, find time or schedule time now so your personal tank isn’t empty! Being empty is inevitable if you don’t refuel. Start refueling today!

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