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Some Things Never Change

19 Mar 2021 | Lt. Maria Ancira Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Like many, including myself, we had high expectations for 2021 to go back to normal. We celebrated the end of 2020, with the hope of leaving behind all the chaos and negativity. We were hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, as we march in to the new year, it might seem like things have not changed much since last year. We are still dealing with the effects of the pandemic and even though the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed, restaurants are still limited, we continue to have a curfew, and we are reminded daily to social distance and wear a mask. 

In the midst of these chaotic times, we should be reminded in a God who does not change; a God who we confess is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. This is a God who continues to give to us his steadfast love, a love that does not fail. This love is pure and complete, it lacks nothing, it is unconditional. 

In times of uncertainty, when life seems complicated and unnerving, God is there. God is our constant, and God desires for us to seek him. Seek him in good times and in bad. Seek him when you feel down and out or you feel complete and content. God is there to be our comfort and peace. The world will continue. Life will continue. Problems will come and go, and good times will roll in; in all these events, God is there to be our strength and light, to cast our cares and worries upon him.

Eventually, life will get back to normal. We are witnessing this with the return of sports, albeit with limited attendance and modified schedules and news about vaccines and access to receive it. The events and things we enjoyed will once again become available. Things might be a bit different, things we do now may become the new normal, but that does not change our ability or our relationship with God.

We definitely have things to look forward to in 2021. Spring is right around the corner. Spring brings new life, flowers and many religious observances. These provide opportunity to practice and grow in our faith and our relationship with our God. Take time to ponder all that God provides for us in our daily and spiritual lives.

May the God who surpasses all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in the light that brings peace and comfort in our daily lives.

The Chaplain’s Corner covers everything faith related.  Facts not attributed are purely the opinion of the writer.