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The Charge by Sodexo mobile app officially launched to users Aug. 24, 2020, and features geo-location or installation name and mess hall number to view local menus from specialty bars, caloric intake information, nutrition facts and feedback. The free mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ginnie Lee)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Ginnie Lee

Mess Hall Menus and Nutrition Info just a Click Away

24 Aug 2020 | Lance Cpl. Ginnie Lee Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

A free mobile app designed to provide customers access to Marine Corps installation mess halls’ menu and nutritional information is being offered by the Sodexo Corporation called Charge by Sodexo. The menus are posted up to nine days in advance and allow customer feedback to better understand and provide quality assurance to service members. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The Charge by Sodexo app launch event was hosted by Sodexo at the French Creek 65 Mess Hall on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Aug. 24, 2020. Sodexo employees handed out free merchandise such as spinners, pens, travel cups, phone accessories and backpacks for the Marines who downloaded the app.

“This app will provide these service members with the opportunity to better plan out their dining experience,” said Mark Sigler, district director for Sodexo, MCB Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station New River and MCAS Cherry Point. “We designed this app with the intent to provide Marines with access to all of the information about the menus and nutrition and allow them the opportunity to decide where they would like to dine depending on their personal preference of food choices.”

After downloading the app, the first thing the individual will see is the Find Your Mess Hall button. Using their phone’s location, Marines can simply click on the location icon at the top to find the nearest mess hall.

The list of mess halls for MCB Camp Lejeune includes MH 303, MH 411, MH 420, MH 455, MH BB 125, MH FC 65, MH-HP 227, MH RR 135 and MH WC 100. The mess halls’ list of hours of operations for the week are listed below the name of the mess hall and Marines are able to browse through each mess hall’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menus for each day.

The app has a news section where the mess halls announce events and themes for Marines to participate if they are interested. They also post about nutrition, holidays and special menus.

“I think this should have been done sooner, but I am glad the app is finally here,” said CWO2 Christopher Tijerino, a food service officer with French Creek 65 Mess Hall on MCB Camp Lejeune. “It will give the Marines an opportunity to plan their meals in advance to become more productive and save time.”

According to Sigler, each menu item on the app is color-coated with a target that is green, yellow or red in efforts to assist Marines make better food choices during their dining experience.

The green target stands for “Engage at Will” meaning the choice is a great choice nutritionally. An example of a green target item would be fresh greens, healthy grains and lean proteins as they are high in nutrient values.

The yellow target stands for “Well-aimed shots” meaning use occasionally. An example of a yellow target food would be cheese such as dairy products that in large quantities can contain more fat than the daily recommended value.

The red target stands for “Check fire” which means limit yourself. An example of a red target item would be a cinnamon roll as it is high in sugar and low in nutritional value.

The app also offers an opportunity for Marines to give feedback on food quality, service by the staff, food variety and cleanliness of the chow hall to ensure satisfaction is met by the mess hall staff and Sodexo.

“Feedback is an important part of advancement,” said Allen Wolff, an information technology specialist for Sodexo. “Having feedback from Marines on their preferences and experience with the food and our service allows Sodexo to ensure that we are providing the best service that we can at all times.”

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