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U.S. Marines with Fox Company, Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT), School of Infantry-East, sight in on an a M240G Medium Machinegun during Table 3 and 4 marksmanship training, Camp Lejeune, N.C., June 27, 2018. MCT conducts standards-based common combat skills training of entry-level Marines in order to create riflemen for service throughout the Marine Corps. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ashley Gomez)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Ashley Gomez

Marines sharpen their skill on the range

17 Jul 2018 | Lance Cpl. Ashley Gomez Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Marines with Fox Company, Marine Combat Training Battalion, School of Infantry East, practiced their marksmanship training on Tables 3 and 4 at the K-503 Range at Camp Devil Dog on Camp Lejeune, June 27.

In the Marine Corps, the Table 3 and 4 course of fire is designed to take combat marksmanship skills learned in Table 2 and incorporate them on various targets.

“This training is important because it gives Marines the opportunity to engage targets of unknown distance,” said Staff Sgt. Zebulon Enright, combat instructor, Fox Company, MCT Battalion, SOI-East. “It’s similar to what they would actually experience in combat. The shooting tables add different challenges that will make the Marines better warfighters.”

MCT teaches common combat skills to Marine Riflemen to ensure they have a foundational understanding of the Marine Corps warfighting ethos and their role in employing them.

“The most important part of this training is learning how to perfect our craft,” said Pfc. Donavon Robinson, student, Fox Company, MCT Battalion, SOI-East. “If you understand your craft, you have a better chance for survival from a tactical stand point. Everything we’re being taught will help us if we’re ever in combat.”

The Marines fired M16A4 Service Rifles while standing, sitting, kneeling and in the prone positions. During the course of fire, they also conducted immediate remedial action drills. The month spent at MCT offers a lot of knowledge to the students, but doesn’t stop them from enjoying training.

“I love training with Marines and I’ve had a lot of fun doing so these past few weeks,” said Pfc. Robinson. “Being a student in Fox Company is humbling and I appreciate the opportunity to work and learn from my instructors who are helping me better myself as a Marine.”

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