Commandant's safety action campaign

29 May 2018 | Lance Cpl. Nicholas Lubchenko 10th Marine Regiment

According to the ALMAR, during the last 30 months, 202 Marines and Sailors died in mishaps with 109 of those occurring while operating a motorcycle or other motor vehicle

To track and support the goal of reduction, the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ Safety Division will publish a monthly report of its safety observations, mishap trends, risk management, best practices and summaries of injuries and fatal mishaps.

“Fortunately for Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, we haven't had any recent fatalities,” said Ron Sarmento, director of safety for Marine Corps Installations East. “(Marine Corps Air Station) Cherry Point suffered a fatality last year when a Marine was ejected from a vehicle.”

Although there have been no recent accidents or training related fatalities on MCB Camp Lejeune, the goal of safety and operational risk management is continuous.

“This ALMAR is a reminder that we need to remain vigilant with our safety programs,” said Sarmento. “We continue to conduct trend analyses, identify hazards and take the proper steps to mitigate and eliminate hazards.”

As stated by the ALMAR, the intent to reduce the number of mishap fatalities is a bold and aggressive goal that can only be achieved through a deliberate and continuous focus on actively identifying hazards and making balanced risk decisions through professional planning, briefing, execution and debriefing of every mission.

“Commanders from Headquarters and Support Battalion and Weapons Training Battalion have a robust force preservation council,” said Sarmento. “The leadership within the battalions constantly stay engaged with all Marines and Sailors and ensures their behavior is routinely assessed and takes appropriate actions by targeting high and medium risk behavior.”

Safety starts with every Marine and Sailor and should be considered during all activities, on and off duty.

“Commanders rely on small unit leadership to promote a positive safety culture and engage in sensitive conversations in order to effectively communicate with their target audience,” said Sarmento. “The Safety Department is standing by to help anyone who requires assistance achieving this goal – we are one team and this is one fight.”

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