Camp Lejeune hosts Marine South Military Expo 2017

12 Apr 2017 | Lance Cpl. Juan Madrigal Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Service members from across Marine Corps Installations East gathered to see new technology, programs and available services to Marines at the Marine South Military Expo on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, April 12.

The expo showcased equipment ranging from new weapons systems to boot socks. Some of the booths displayed information on the United Service Organizations and the Marine Corps League that offers assistance to military members when they face hardship.

"This type of program gives Marines a chance to know what technology is either being developed or procured for their enhanced security or their education or their potential employment when they get out of the armed forces," said Michael Regner, Marine military expo director.

Every year the Marine Corps League sponsors the Marine South Military Expo so all the companies can come on base and show service members what they’re selling.

"All these vendors come in with all their equipment, weapons, machinery, tanks, anything to try to sell it to the Marine Corps," said Dennis Tobin, national junior vice commandant of the Marine Corps League. "There’s a lot of combat equipment, flak jackets, helmets, gloves, all kinds of equipment they can look into and can purchase for themselves if they want."

Marines get to test some of the equipment being shown and provide feedback to impact the production and usability of a future product.

"Anytime we can get Marines out, in particular young Marines with their innovative ideas tied up with the industry it saves a lot of work in the long run because they know what they need," said Maj. Gen. Walter Miller, commanding general, II Marine Expeditionary Force. "Too often they get on the battle field and get new equipment that’s supposed to do one thing, and the Marines find out about fifteen other ways to use it to be more effective."

Some of the technology displayed is already owned and utilized by the Marine Corps such as the joint light tactical vehicle. Current technology was at the expo to show Marines what they already have so it can be compared to the new equipment they could be using in the future.