New River Game Warden office encourages caution around wildlife

9 Mar 2017 | Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

The game wardens office advises Marines, Sailors, personnel and family members to be cautious about confronting the wildlife on Marine Corps Air Station New River.

Conservation Law Enforcement Officers enforce the rules and regulations of all state and federal laws and regulation concerning natural resources. They also provide a safe environment for hunting and gathering of natural resources while providing wildlife enforcement, retrieval and relocation for the air station.

"People should understand that New River is built on a swamp and because of that there are a lot of poisonous snakes, reptiles and alligators on this air station," said David Rogers, a Conservation Law Enforcement Officer with the New River Game Warden Office. "We know these animals are here, and we monitor them. If they get in the buildings, are blocking the streets or are around your family members and we can get to them, we will catch them and relocate them."

Call 911 and have the dispatcher contact the Game Warden Office to have their conservation law enforcement officers sent to offer their assistance.

"Here in the South we do have a lot of snakes, but we also have quite a few alligators, and I strongly urge everyone not to feed or attempt to catch those alligators," said Rogers. "When people approach the animals with the intention of feeding them, they run the risk of retaliation from an otherwise fearful creature. We are trained to handle and relocate the wildlife on this air station in a safe and controlled manner."

The common wildlife air station personnel and inhabitants will encounter include Copperhead snakes Cottonmouth snakes, Rattle snakes, the American Alligator and possums, raccoons and coyotes that likely have rabies.

"Here on this station we all have the opportunity to interact with nature, its inhabitants and utilize its resources," said Walter Cotton, a conservation law enforcement officer with the New River Game Warden Office. "We should respect this aspect but also enjoy it. We are here to help the service members here and their families, and I ask that no one hesitate to call for us when there is a confrontation with the wildlife here."