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Semper Ride leads the push for motorcycle safety

By Lance Cpl. Nathan Reyes | Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune | July 16, 2018


The Marine Corps Community Service sponsored a Semper Ride event to promote motorcycle safety for service members on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, June 26.

The event consisted of freestyle motocross demonstrations, a motorcycle exposition and safety awareness presentations for all Marines, Sailors, family members and sponsored guests on the installations.

“Semper Ride is a program to develop better riders,” said James Conway, founder of Semper Ride. “Teaching people the correct way to ride tends to make people more comfortable on a bike, so it is a win win for everyone.”

Preparing service members on the correct way to be safe on a motorcycle is the main mission of Semper Ride gatherings.

“First and foremost, people need to be aware of the dangers of hopping on a bike and the steps to protect yourself on the road,” said Conway.

The program has been successful in educating service members on what motorcycle is right for them.

“The biggest thing is buying the right bike,” said Conway. “Don’t be tempted to buy a bike that has too much power for you, if you are just getting into riding start small.”

Education and hands on training goes hand in hand with the Semper Ride organization.

“American Super Camp works with Semper Ride to give Marines time on the bike so we can show them the right way to do things,” said Danny Walker, Owner of American Super Camp.

American Super Camp has classes for all levels of riding expertise. The classes range from riding motorcycles on the road to riding dirt bikes on the dirt.

“My goal is to see Marines retiring from the Corps still riding a motorcycle,” said Walker.