Guidelines for Classroom Training



1. All individuals and instructors will be screened prior to the 1st day of a course with a temperature check & COVID survey.  Every morning thereafter, before the beginning of training, a COVID survey will be administered. Anyone with cold-like/flu-like symptoms will not be allowed to participate in the training event. [Resource: Classroom Training Survey]


1. Facemask or coverings shall be worn at ALL times in the classrooms, labs, training venues, vehicles, and during breaks. 

2. Face covering will be worn over the nose and mouth.

3. Instructors shall ensure face covering mitigation and social distancing protocols are employed at all times to include breaks.

Social Distancing

1. Social distancing shall be applied at all times.  Individuals shall remain spaced at least 6 feet apart during instruction.

2. Large classrooms should be employed for classroom instruction.  Space seating/desks at least 6 feet apart. Consider taping off seats or rows, or remove desks or chairs, to modify the classroom to ensure six-foot distance between students. Provide adequate distance between individuals engaged in experiential learning opportunities (e.g., labs, vocational skill building activities).   

3. Eating or drinking in the classrooms is prohibited.

4. Create distance between students in vehicles (e.g., skipping rows) when possible.

5. Instruction in outside areas or opening windows to increase airflow when weather conditions permit, and if appropriate for learning environment, should be considered.


1. Ensure hand sanitizer is readily available for students/instructors.

2. If objects have to be touched by multiple people, they should be wiped down with approved cleaning product between uses.

3. Classroom spaces/venues should be cleaned and disinfected at the conclusion of each day of training.

The conduct of safe training, with proven COVID mitigation protocols, is the responsibility of every Marine and sailor.  Don’t let your teammate down.