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Environmental Management Division


Environmental Management Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

"...to protect current and future training capabilities by respecting and maintaining the natural environment..."


The Plans & Studies listed below are required by MCO P5090.2A.  If you would like to review or have questions regarding these plans, contact the Environmental Management Division (EMD) at (910) 451-5003 & you will be routed to the appropriate subject matter expert (SME). 

  • MCBCL Clean Air Act Risk Management Plan (RMP)
  • MCBCL Comprehensive Environmental Training & Education Program (CETEP) Plan
  • MCBCL Hazardous Waste Management Plan
  • MCBCL Integrated Cultural Resources Plan (ICRMP)
  • MCBCL Integrated Natural Resources Plan (INRMP)
  • MCBCL Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan + 04 & 06 Updates
  • MCBCL Solid Waste Management Plan
  • MCBCL/MCASNR Affirmative Procurement Plan
  • MCBCL/MCASNR Stormwater Management Plan
  • MCBCL/MCASNR Stormwater P2 Plan
  • MCBCL/MCASNR Tank Management Plan
  • MCBCL/MCASNR Integrated Contingency Plan