Settling In

For Marines and Sailors just arriving at Camp Lejeune, Public Affairs has gathered a few useful bits of information to assist you in a smooth duty station change to the Jacksonville area.  This section covers lodging & housing, household goods shipments, firearms registration, education & school, and family support.


Lodging & Housing

Lejeune Inn

The Hospitality Inn, consisting of 90 units, provides many amenities for military personnel and their families arriving in this area.

The Inn is centrally located near a variety of snack bars, the main Exchange, banks and the Commissary.  Each room has a kitchenette and is stylishly appointed for the comfort and convenience of its guests.

Reservations are strongly recommended.  Those not in PCS status may reserve rooms up to 21 days in advance.  Those in a PCS status may reserve rooms up to 30 days in advance and must provide a copy of their orders.  The Inn does not allow pets.

For more information, please call (910) 451-3041.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters are located throughout Camp Lejeune and reservations can be made by calling the following numbers:

Camp Lejeune: (910) 451-1385/2146

Camp Geiger: (910) 449-0435

MCAS New River: (910) 449-6554

Bachelor Officer Quarters

Bachelor Officer Quarters are located throughout Camp Lejeune and reservations can be made by calling the following numbers:

All Points Inn, Camp Lejeune: (910) 451-1385/2146

Camp Geiger: (910) 449-0435

Camp Johnson: (910) 450-0828

Courthouse Bay: (910) 440-7493

MCAS New River: (910) 449-6621

Geographic Bachelors

Geographic bachelors are provided with quarters on a space available basis.

Family Housing

The Family Housing Office at Camp Lejeune maintains more than 4,000 units privatized by Atlantic Marine Corps Communities LLC and Lincoln Military Housing.  Many homes have been renovated and renovations on other quarters are either in progress or programmed.  All quarters offer central air conditioning and heating.

Among the 677 privatized units in the Berkeley Manor Area, there are 473 three-bedroom and 204 four-bedroom units designated for SNCOs, with five different floor plans.

There are eight privatized homes located at Courthouse Bay, all of which are three-bedroom units designated for field grade officers.

The Hospital Point area has 21 homes.  These units are designated for company grade and chief warrant officers.

There are 693 units in the Midway Park Area.  All are two-bedroom units designated for sergeants and below.

At Paradise Point, there are 510 housing units consisting of three and four-bedroom units designated for field grade officers and company grade officers.  There are 14 different floor plans.

Tarawa Terrace maintains 1,750 housing units.  These consist of two-bedroom and three-bedroom units designated for sergeants and below.  There are six different floor plans.

There are 248 housing units located at Watkins Village, all of which are three and four-bedroom and are designated for SNCOs and junior enlisted.

Applications for assignment to on-base government quarters can be made in person at the Family Housing Office, Building TT-43, Tarawa Terrace after officially reporting in, or a completed application for assignment to housing (DD Form 1746) can be sent to the Family Housing Office prior to reporting for duty.  When the DD Form 1746 is sent in, the applicant will be placed on the inactive waiting list until they have physically checked in to their unit and reported to Family Housing.  If the applicant physically reports to Family Housing within 30 calendar days after officially reporting for duty at Camp Lejeune, their control date will be the date of detachment from their last permanent duty station.

When you apply for Camp Lejeune Marine Corps housing you will need one of the following:

• Original orders with original reporting endorsement.

• Copies of original orders and reporting endorsement, certified by your commanding officer to be true copies.

• A letter from your commanding officer to the director, Family Housing, giving the date you detached from your last permanent duty station and the date you reported to Camp Lejeune for duty.

• Page 3 from your Service Record Book (Marine Personnel); Page 5 from your service record book (Navy Personnel).

Military sponsors must report to the Family Housing Office prior to renting, leasing or purchasing a home.

The Family Housing Office is responsible for validating applicants and for providing referrals to AMCC for housing.  Family Housing is always the military service member’s first stop for on base family housing.

In addition to information on government and privatized housing, the Family Housing Office maintains listings of available off-base rentals and sales and can provide information on the off-base set-aside program.  The office also provides listings of public and private schools, local health numbers, emergency numbers and numbers to local lodging.  Waiting times for assignment to privatized housing vary from zero to 18 months.

Hours of operation for the Family Housing Office are weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information, call (910) 450-1627 or (910) 450-1628.


Household Goods Shipments

Information regarding household and personal effects is available from the Traffic Management Office, Building 1011 or by calling 451-2377.


Firearms Registration

All privately owned firearms on base must be registered with the Base Provost Marshal, Room 118, Building 3.

Only those persons living in base housing (family quarters) may maintain their firearms in their quarters.  BEQ and BOQ residents must store their weapons in a unit armory.

The brand name, model number, serial number, location of, caliber, barrel length, action and proof of ownership are required for registration.  For more information, please call (910) 451-4305


Education & Schools

Child Education

On-base education is provided to children of military families who live in base housing.

In the Camp Lejeune area, there are six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school supporting nearly 3,700 students.

In September 1996, Camp Lejeune dependent schools implemented a half-day preschool program for all children who are four years old and living on base.

To register children in the system, parents or guardians must reside in base housing or have a letter from the base housing office stating they will have base housing within 90 days.

Registration is held in the summer at the school of attendance.

For further information, call the superintendent’s office at (910) 451-2461.

Base School Information

An information line is available for parents and students to get up-to-date information on school hours, closings and activities for the eight base schools.  To access the line, call 451-0995 and follow the prompts.


Family Support

Marine Corps Family Team Building

The Marine Corps Family Team Building portion of MCCS is geared towards assisting unit commanding officers and families in maintaining readiness.  All MCFTB programs are free.

MCFTB includes the following programs: Key volunteer training, family readiness officer training, family readiness briefs, marriage preparation workshops, LINKS (Lifestyle, Insights, Networking, Knowledge, Skills), CREDO (Chaplain’s Religious Education Development Operation), PREP (Prevention and Relationship), EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program, NPSP (New Parent Support Program) and family university.

Key volunteer training provides the required training for all potential unit key volunteers.  Classes are held monthly alternating between days and nights.  The key volunteer trainer can be reached at (910) 451-7550.

Family Readiness Officer training is conducted to educate all new FROs on the organization of the family readiness program and how to establish a key volunteer network.

Family readiness training includes a variety of briefings to assist units in pre and post-deployment concerns.

Pre-deployment briefs assist Marines and families in preparing for and coping with the changes and difficulties of deployment.

Post-deployment briefs describe what to expect during a homecoming and provide tips that will help families get their relationships back to normal as quickly as possible.

The kids and deployment brief assists parents in understanding the impact of deployment on children and offers creative ways to keep the connection between the child and the deployed parent.

Marriage Preparation Workshop is a monthly program lasting two days for couples planning to marry or those married two years or less.  This workshop covers the basic foundation for a healthy marriage and fulfills the pre-Cana requirement for Catholics.  To register, call (910) 451-0176.

LINKS is a mentoring program run by spouses for spouses.  Mentors offer tips and information to help other spouses get started in the Marine Corps family.

The LINKS Team Leader can be contacted at (910) 451-1299.

PREP provides an educational experience for couples that will enable them to increase their communication and problem-solving skills, skills associated with effective marital functioning and the prevention of future marital distress.

The PREP Coordinator can be reached at (910) 451-0176.

Spouses Leadership Seminar is designed specifically for Marine Corps spouses to assist in developing leadership skills.  Seminars are conducted by Headquarters Marine Corps on a semiannual basis.  For information call (910) 451-0176.

New Parent Support Program is a voluntary program developed to assist families in many ways that friends and family often do when back at home.  The program provides assistance (such as home visitation and parenting classes) to active Services duty families expecting a child or with child(ren) under 6 years of age free of charge.

EFMP is a program that provides assistance to active duty personnel with family members who have special needs before, during and after relocation due to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.  It is a mandatory program (MCO P1754.4A) for active duty members.

The Community Counseling Center located in Building 798, Brewster Boulevard, provides professional individual, marital and family counseling services available to military members and their families.  Also, intervention and treatment for domestic violence and victim advocacy services are provided through the Family Advocacy Program.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call (910) 451-2864 or (910) 451-2876 for further information.

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides financial assistance for active-duty and retired military and family members.  The society also provides financial counseling to military members and their families, layettes and visiting nurses who provide assistance to families with infants, house-bound retirees, widows and widowers.  The office is located in Building 60.  Call (910) 451-5644 for more information.

The American Red Cross provides counseling, emergency communications, financial/emergency assistance and referral services to military personnel and their families.  The office is located in Building 1108.  Call (910) 451-2173 for more information.

The Armed Services YMCA was established Dec. 31, 1998.  Its primary mission is to provide services and programs to military families.

Services and programs consist of: Y-mail, which is an e-mail and Internet service provided for sergeants, petty officers and junior enlisted (and their spouses) at the USO and Midway Park; home front video taping, which allows deployed military members and their families to keep in touch via video taping; infant and toddler car seat loan program, which provides infants and toddlers car seats for a temporary loan up to 90 days; financial fitness for the home, designed for the manager of the finances at home; Sight for Students, a vision service plan, which provides free eye exams for students who meet qualifications; Baby-sitter Training Course, which trains children how to become certified babysitters; and Kids +, a program which covers ages and stages of development, safe environments, communication, nutrition, behavioral management and more.

Personal Readiness and Community Support provides unit commanders by providing information and guidance to service members and their families.  The goal of this support is mission readiness, improved morale and retention. This is accomplished through information and referral services for relocation and transition assistance, retired and veterans affairs.  For more information, call (910) 451-3212.



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