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Camp Lejeune Reception Center

MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune

Checking In

The Camp Lejeune Reception Center (CLRC) is the main check-in facility for all active duty Marines and Sailors checking in to Camp Lejeune and its tenant commands.  The main entrance located in Building 59 on Molly Pitcher Road has a glass door and covered walkway.

Upon arrival, the Receptionist will check you in at the front desk.  A copy of your orders and a valid active duty ID card are required.

The hours of operation for the Receptionist Desk are:

Monday - Friday: 0730-1630
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

On weekends, holidays, or after hours, ring the buzzer for the duty NCO.


Reporting In

Marines reporting in for duty during working hours should be in the Service "A" uniform.  Sailors reporting in for duty during working hours shall report in Dress Whites/Blues depending upon the season.  All service members must have their Original orders, SRB, Health and Dental Records, and a valid Active Duty ID card.  Single or unaccompanied service members will receive billeting assignments in the squad bay.  Sailors reporting for duty during working hours must report to the Camp Lejeune Reception Center located at Building 59.  All services members reporting in after working hours must see the duty NCO in Building 59 - Room 213 for further instruction.


Camp Lejeune Reception Center (CLRC) Directory

Building 59:

• Director, Camp Lejeune Reception Center (CLRC) • Senior Supervisor ID Card Center
ID Card Center • CLRC Receptionist / Main Entrance
• IPAC (Inbound Section) • 2dMarDiv Personnel
• TriCare • Transient (Male/Female) Barracks
• Two Classrooms (State of the Art) • Building Manager
• MCIEAST/MCB Personnel  

Building 60:

• IPAC (Inbound Section / Unit Diary) • IPAC (Separations Branch)
• IPAC (Orders) • Retired Services Coordinator
• Prior Service Recruiters • Marine for Life Representative
• MCCS Representative • Housing Representative
• Traffic Court Vehicle Registration
• 2dMLG Personnel • Marine Corps Association
• Navy Liaison Representative  

For additional information on lodging, housing, schools, firearms registration, and more, please refer to our Settling In reference documentation.










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